Un-deniable Truth!!!

Political Genocide
               Or…  ‘The High Cost of Murder’
          ~by Cliff Newman

It would seem ever since the November 8th 2016 Presidential Election the ‘left’ has been struggling with their complete and thorough defeat.  Even as of today…  eight months later…  many of those in the ‘left’ are still fighting trying to undo what “we the people” set in motion on Election Day.

Since their failed Presidential attempt there has been much continuous anti America / anti Trump talk and action.  For surely anyone in their right mind would consider talk or action of impeachment, assassination or even beheading an unacceptable behavior.

Or would they?

We believe it is unacceptable behavior for those who are Islamic Muslim terrorists…  why would this behavior be acceptable for us?

It is NOT!

Because this is what has been going on to the point…  even mainstream news medias, CEO’s of major corporations and high profile persons have spoken out and taken action not just against our new President, Donald Trump…  but against America and her people…  shaming themselves by acting more as if they were snarly beasts rather than citizens of the greatest nation on earth.

“Some of those in the ‘left’ act more as
if they are snarly beasts from a third world nation
rather than from America”

Boys & girls…  there have been movies made about this stuff and the dangers of turning to the Darkside. Far too many people in the world today [yes even in America] have failed to understand or know that there is a war going on between darkness & Light.

Since the beginning of time those who have followed the Light [The Living God] have understood the importance of our children regardless of whether or not they have been born yet or not.  But not so from those who have no Light.

For during the past forty plus years the ‘left’ has been causing the genocide of their future voter pool by murdering their unborn children so that when Hillary screamed ‘How did this happen!” on Election Day November 8th 2017…  the ‘left’ had in fact murdered [caused the genocide] of 56 million of those who would have grown up to be their future voters.

Even violating our laws and bringing in hundreds of thousands of illegals to pump up their voter pool Hillary still didn’t have enough voters to get herself elected dogcatcher on Pluto.

There is so much darkness in America today even ex-President Obama while still in office so changed over two hundred years of our way of life by making abortion the law of the land…  thus giving the ‘left’ license to murder [genocide] their own unborn children… causing the implosion [shrinking] of their future voter pool.

The cause: darkness / godlessness
The action: murder / genocide
The results: failed Presidential Election

Go figure that!!

Until the next time I put ink on paper,