Un-deniable Truth!!!

          ~by Cliff Newman

The USA Today's propaganda headline for Monday July 17th 2017...

"can Trump revive his struggling presidency?"

It is President Trump to you USA Today propaganda want-a-bee journalist’s and the only people who believe his Presidency is struggling are those of you who could not muster enough votes to get their candidate voted dogcatcher on Pluto. Cliff

'Abortion' & 'End of Life' are one and the same thing.

They are both murder!

Not only do both Abortion & End of Life violate the U.S. Constitution, laws and way of life in America as founded in 1776, but...  they both violate the word of The Living God.

Murder has a penalty that liberals think they do not have to pay.  But the
penalty phase has bitten them on their backside.  Through genocide... 'Abortion' [murdering 56 million of their own unwanted children] and the 'End of Life' [murdering of their unwanted sick and elderly]...  these liberals have created the implosion of their own voter pool and it will take them decades to undo the damage they set in motion by their own lawlessness.

Light has once again been loosed into America's oval office and is again flooding our nation with hope as in days of old.  Thus darkness is screaming in an attempt to regain lost ground.  But let us [we the people] so flood our nation with Light...  that darkness again becomes silent and non-existent.

If we the people do not purge evil & darkness from our land...  evil & darkness will purge us from our land.

Until the next time I put ink on paper,