Do You
            ~by Cliff Newman

Do you yet understand…  that America was founded upon the principles of honor, life and freedom…  inalienable rights from God…  that we the people had chosen to stand against the British Royal Crown [the then New World Order Globalist Elite world ruler’s] lawless over-taxation, greed and manipulation of the people…  that we the people had chosen Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness...  the right of conscience meaning religious freedom…  that we were rejecting the lawless English governments godless powerless state controlled churches that had no trace of God, with only government rulership [not leadership] and greed as their doctrine?

But that was in 1776…  over two hundred and thirty some years ago and there are only traces of what America was founded on still visible today …  even the churches in America today have so changed they are identical to the ones that had been fled from by the pilgrim’s in England centuries earlier.

Yes…  persevering life was a big deal to America’s founding fathers and is so stated in their documents as it also is in the scriptures.  This is the reason mass murderer Charles Manson is in prison today and not buried in the ground and that America’s prisons are full of those who choose to murder rather than live in peace and freedom…  because back in the day…  we the people chose life over death.

America and her free people only chose to kill when the threat could not be contained or reasoned with…  such as fighting for her Independence from the lawless bloated British High Command in 1776…  or fighting the lawless Muslims who had been murdering, raping and beheading Americans in 1815…  chasing those Muslim murdering terrorist’s all the way back to Tripoli…  and that we as a people understood that our lives and future were dependant upon not only God…  but on our children [un-born and born] and without them we cease [fail] to exist…  and without our elderly citizens we are without knowledge and experience…  lost to repeat past mistakes over and over again.

But sadly even with this great beginning in America’s thinking…  today [over two hundred plus years later] one of those America hating murdering Muslims had gained control of our oval office and has so changed ‘we the people’ and our thinking today by effectively ‘Executively Ordered’ changes to our constitution, laws and way of life bypassing even our congress…  changes including, the murder of our own un-born children through abortion, the murder of our children through suicide and the murder of our elderly citizens by euthanizing them…  that we the people have now accepted the Muslims anti-life, anti-American thinking of death rather than the preservation of life as the law of our land.

How can that be?  This is NOT America!

For a while...  the person ‘Barack Obama’ may have had the title of President of America but he is a murdering Muslim terrorist…  and through his abortion law he is responsible for the murder of more Americans than all of the Muslim mad bombers in the history of man…  an America hating terrorist who has waged war against this nation and her people everyday of his adult life…  even bragging about murdering American citizens with drones without a trial.

Oh Cliff…  you are crazy…  where is the proof?

Proof…  you want proof?!  Then why is it that he through ObamaCare has made the murder of our own un-born children the law of our land but still wants to take our guns away to make us safe?

Safe from what?!

If our own un-born children have so little value to our ex-President Obama and bloated government that they can be murdered and their body parts sold for profit even before they are born…  why then would they care if we killed each other with guns?

He [they] would NOT!!

So just what or who is it that he wanted to make safe by taking our guns away?  He and our lawless bloated government of tyrants want to be safe from us…  that’s who and what!  They have no intention of being leaders when they can be rulers.

He [they] full well know that sooner or later we the people are going to wakeup to the New World Order agenda of their committing genocide against the American people and put an end to his [their] hateful anti-American policies.  And if our un-born children have no more or so little value to our ex-President or government than to be murdered…  then neither do we the people have value to them!

What are we going to do Cliff?!

Well...  we did do it!!!

On November 8th 2016 AD we the people of America stood together once again as a united people and voted those following and supporting the New World Order Globalist Elite agenda out of our oval office.

Do you…  understand…  there is a war going on between darkness and Light and it is time we the people started seeing each other as people…  not as colors or races …  not purging those of certain skin colors , nationalities or religions…  but purging those who have black or evil hearts.

There was only one person still running in the race to be the President of America in 2016 that had not been bought out by or sold their soul to the New World Order Globalist Elite and their agenda of genocide for the American people and that…  was Donald J. Trump and…  he actually wants to rebuild America…  not that doing so is so hard…  it’s just that for so many decades now the want-a-bee rulers of our lawless bloated government of tyrants have had no intention of fixing America.

Donald not only wants to fix and restore our once great nation and free people…  but since being sworn in on January 20th 2017 AD he already started and…  the powers that be are afraid [terrified] to the soles of their shoes that we the people will regain our freedom, prosperity, security and life and their planned genocide of us will bounce back on them setting their plans for a one world government [ending America and her Sovereignty] back hundreds of years or more and that which was planned to end freedom and prosperity throughout the known world will be ended just like our founding fathers stopped them in 1776.

So today…  the New World Order Globalist Elite rulers through their puppets who still have jobs and their propaganda news media are doing and saying anything and everything they can to distract us from the truth…  the truth being that we the people are America and without us [we the people] there is no America…  and the last domino of freedom in the world [after Israel]…  would finally once and for all fall and be silenced…  forever.

Go figure that!!!

Is that going to happen?  NOT!

For we the people of America did in fact...  stand together again as a united people and elect a new leader, not just one more ruler and...  have let the air out of our lawless bloated government of tyrants, virtually...  and boldly proclaiming [repeating] the words of Patrick Henry’s from his speech to the Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775...

"Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"

And understand this you want-a-bee rulers following the New World Order Globalist Elite agenda…  I am not the only one [e pluribus unum]…  there are billions of us ‘we the peoples’ standing united today against your lawlessness and bloated government New World Order thinking…  and just as our founding fathers removed you in 1776…  we the people remove you today and every day we remain a free people.

Can you believe it?  Donald actually cares more for us than our ex-president and the murdering terrorists he allowed to enter America through his open boarders!

Go figure that!

Yes…  ‘we the people’ have bound ourselves together…  once again as a united unstoppable force of free people…  as we did in days of old before we were taught the backbiting ways of our want-a-bee rulers…  and as such…  [Under God] with our combined united voting clout…  ended the rule of our lawless bloated government of tyrants and give Donald the opportunity to restore our once great nation…  again leading us [not ruling us] back to victory, freedom, independence and prosperity…  yes, even to God!

It’s your move…  either you are one of us [we the people] or…  you are the enemy!

So shall my word be!

Until the next time I put ink on paper,


America Forever!
Thank you...  Donald J Trump!