Democrats have absolutely NOTHING to offer our country.

After their BILLION-DOLLAR election loss, all Democrats have done is OBSTRUCT President Trump and maniacally scream the word “RUSSIA” until they’re blue in the face.

They’ve sparked protests in the streets, refused to approve White House nominees, destroyed our health care system, and used the media to spew vicious rhetoric against the President. 

Tell Democrats: It’s time to stop obstructing the AMERICAN PEOPLE’S MANDATE. 
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By refusing to work with President Trump, Democrats are choosing to IGNORE the millions of Americans who voted for our America First platform last November.

Democrats had no problem rigging their primary against Bernie Sanders and his supporters -- and now they’re choosing to strip the Silent Majority of their new-found voice in our country.

You will NEVER hear the media report this. But this is the truth that America needs to hear.

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