It’s NOT about guns ©
            ~by Cliff Newman

It’s about we the people!  The New World Order and their puppets [Obama, Hillary and Soros to mention just a few] are from the group America’s founding fathers squarely and thoroughly defeated in 1776 and…  they are back.  But they learned a very hard lesson two hundred and thirty some years ago…  they learned the American people [through their faith and belief in The Living God] were a united unstoppable indestructible force.  So…  this time around rather than fighting us in a physical war they knew they could not win…  they infiltrated our government and [from within] set about changing we the people so we were no longer a united unstoppable indestructible force.

They started breaking we the people down decades ago…  and one of the first things they attacked and removed was our Pledge of Allegiance.  Thirty one simple words that kept we the people of America bound together as a united indestructible unstoppable force for over two hundred plus years but…  it’s gone.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

And just who was the liberty and justice for?  For ALL!!  And that "for all" was not based on race, religion or choice...  it was based on everyone.  Well that is...  everyone except the lawless who have since become our rulers.

Then systematically they attacked and broke down our religion, beliefs, races, laws, constitution, bill of rights, way of life and our value as a people [changing our thinking from a God consciousness to a ‘we are irrelevant’ thinking].  To the point…  to end the Sovereign American people from being that shinning city [Light] upon a hill…  leading [not just America] but the entire world to freedom and prosperity.

So why stop freedom and prosperity?

Because the New World Order is not about freedom and prosperity for all [as America is] but…  they [the NWO] are for total absolute control over all people worldwide so the Elite have all of the power and money and through the UN the NWO taking our guns away is only one little point in their plan of worldwide domination but before they can form their one world government they must eliminate the American people who lead the world with freedom and prosperity.  Oh and don’t miss this…  they do not want to destroy America and her resources…  just the united unstoppable indestructible force of prosperous free people currently residing here.

And quite frankly…  they actually think they have won.

Obama [one of the NWO puppets and our now ex-President] has actually gone to the UN and by effectively ‘Executively Ordered’ decree has lawlessly bypassed our congress, constitution, laws and bill of rights…  and without the authority to do so…  has signed America up to be under and answer to the UN…  rather than to our own constitution and laws and…  he also signed the UN’s worldwide gun band…  all of which violates his oath of office to protect and serve America and her people…  and he and Hillary have assured us that she will continue this agenda and direction for the ‘new’ Ameri

And of this late date in 2016…  many of the so-called American people have been dumbed down to accept this new anti-American thinking and dangerous direction away from our founding roots…  [figuratively speaking] quite literally…  teaching we the people to jump into the inescapable lions den where there is no future.

For once our constitution, laws and freedom…  and our guns to keep and protect them are gone…  we will no longer be the free people of America but just one more third world nation of peasants [slaves] for the greed and power hungry NWO world rulers in a one world government under the UN…  where there is no freedom or choice.

So today, America…  the last domino of freedom in the known world [after Israel] is on the chopping block to be turned into just one more dumbed down third world nation and as such…  the shinning city [Light] upon a hill will be extinguished for all of time or…  until another group of courageous God fearing people like America’s founding fathers in 1776 again step out on faith and squarely and thoroughly put the New World Order want-a-bee world rulers and their puppets back in their place…  at the bottom of the food chain on Pluto [like Donald is doing for us].

Can we the people still stop them without bloodshed?

Only if we the people are bound together again as a united unstoppable indestructible force [through and under God] and get out in a united force and vote these godless heathen tyrants [who call themselves politicians] out of our government and vote into leadership real American’s who believe in America, our constitution, bill of rights, laws, way of life and her people who are the children [sons] of The Living God…  not the irrelevant descendants of monkeys.

Love or hate him…  its Trump / Pence 2016 for freedom and America

So shall my word be!

Until the next time I put ink on paper,

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