Do You Want America To Ban Muslim Immigrants?
            ~Posted on The Angry Patriot

Following is rebuttal commentary ~by Cliff Newman

The above article leaves out very important points putting ‘The Angry Patriot’ news service in danger of being in a propaganda news media position.

For one…  it leaves out the war of 1815 where the Muslims were chased out of America and all the way back to Tripoli for their raping, murdering and beheading of American citizens which…  they are still doing around the world even to this day.

It leaves out the fact the Muslim bible [the Quran] teaches and is filled with passages demanding its followers eliminate [murder] all non Muslim believers.  No one who claims to be a peaceful Muslim has read the Quran for if you do actually read the Quran and follow its teachings…  you ARE a murdering terrorist who eliminates [murders] all non-Muslim people.

For this is what the Quran states and teaches [I’ve read it from cover to cover and I reject what it teaches].  Either those claiming to be peaceful Muslims are sleeper agents waiting for their moment to strikeout at surrounding innocent people or…  they are clueless people having no understanding or idea of what Muslims are or what the Muslim Quran teachings teach.

So…  thanks to clueless lawless people in America’s government and leadership…  as it was in 1815, today America has once again become filled with millions of so called peaceful Muslims.

How many of these millions of peaceful Muslims are sleeper agents?
How many claim to be Muslims because it sounds cool?
How many claim to be Muslims because they have no clue of the murder and war against humanity their Quran teaches?

How many indeed!

Well boys & girls…  according to Muslims who have read the Quran and understood what it teaches and then turned away from being Muslims because of what they learned…  they claim there can be NO peaceful American law abiding Muslims [and that boys & girls…  is from the camels mouth].

Do you want to wait for the peaceful Muslims awakening to find them standing over your dead beheaded wife or child?

Shall we continue to follow our 44th President’s agenda where he allowed the so called peaceful Muslims to freely enter our nation and gave the murdering Islamic Muslim terrorists millions of our American tax dollars in support, or…  shall we follow our new 45th President and block these unknown people who are a very real threat to our safety and security from entering our nation of free people until…  at least, they are vetted?

What say you we the people of America?
Is it give me liberty or…  give me death?

But don’t take too long to figure this out…  for our enemies are great in number and because of our clueless government’s past want-a-bee rulers…  we do not know who and how dangerous our enemies living next door are.

Go figure that!

Yes…  I voted for Donald Trump, for America’s change back to freedom and prosperity…  not for more support of our enemies.  And…  what / why did you vote?

Proper identification, the wall and vetting do NOT keep good people out of America…  they just keep bad people from getting in.

Go figure that!

Until the next time I put ink on paper,