​​Todays Rant
            ~by Cliff Newman

July 4th 21017 AD

Not sure how much time I will have in the future to keep posting on this website as I am once again working on my next book.


June 30th 2017 AD

On the cover of this mornings left leaning liberal Los Angeles Times was an article by David G. Savage entitled, 'Gorsuch already pushing Supreme Court to the right.'  We the people just went through EIGHT years of the liberal left beating us right thinkers senseless and the very second we make an effort to find some common ground...  we are out of line?  NOT!


June 9th 2017 AD

Did we the people unite and vote Donald Trump to be our President [giving him 306 Electoral votes] in time to stop these New World Order puppets from forever ending America as we know it?  I'm believing we did but...  we must never forget who these anti American shrills are and what it is they want to do to our nation and the evil they are capable of.  Boys & girls...  this is war!  A war between darkness & Light and darkness [evil] is planning on a win. This must NOT happen on our watch.  We the united people of America must answer the call to stand behind and support our President...  you know, the President who actually believes in America, her constitution, laws & way of life.  Go figure that!  Go Donald Go!


May 9th 2017 AD

Liberals are suffering from a new rare disease.  It’s called…  'godlessness' [the loss of one's God Consciousness] and only The Living God and His Firstborn Son Jesus Christ can cure this debilitating mental sickness and depravity of which much of the known third world nations [and...  even much of America] have succumbed too.


January 3rd 2017 AD

On January 17th 2001 AD...  Bill Clinton making an anti American, anti life, godless act...  changed the term 'New Born' [child] which it had been in America for over two hundred years to 'fetus'  ...a lifeless blob.  How much blood from millions of dead unborn America children are on Bill Clinton's hands?  And yet...  this murderer [Bill Clinton] is alive today.  On President Obama's 7th day in office he passed legislation that reduced the rights of Americas unborn children and later...  in his ObamaCare bill he embraced the death of our unborn through making abortion the law of our land.  This is so NOT America!


January 1st 2017 AD

Happy New Year to all [even our enemies].  On January 20th we the people re-take our oval office.  It's going to be GREAT to have a real leader there again instead of a want-a-bee New World Order puppet ruler.


November 20th 2016 AD

The Continuing Fraud of Climate Change…
Our lawless bloated government of tyrants & the propaganda news media claim we the people are responsible for the weather changes.  There are aerial photos of billions & billions of dead trees in just America alone and yet not one word is said about the chemtrails and the toxins “they” [our rulers] release into our upper atmosphere in which…  are causing our planet to die.  Many times I’ve personally watched beautiful cloud formations in the sky until the chemtrails and their toxins interacted with them.  Then…  you would think in watching the cloud reactions to the toxins that the clouds had gone to war with themselves.  These chemtrail toxins sift down from where they are released and get on our trees, food, water, air and on we the people…  doing what all we do not know.  The greed and power monger sluts mentioned in the first eleven words of this paragraph have zero value for ‘we the people’ of America or even for themselves so long…  as they can continue being our rulers…  rather than our leaders for today they are more manipulating we the people of America and even the world than leading us.  Thus the reason we the people gave Donald Trump 306 Electoral Votes BECAUSE…  chemtrails, lawless government, propaganda news media or not…  enough is enough!


November 8th 2016 AD

We the People have elected Donald Trump as our 45th President of the Republic of America.


November 7th 2016 AD
Today was November the seventh, 2016 AD…  [that’s “11-7-2016”].  So why is this day noteworthy to me?  Because I worked eleven at night till seven in the morning at 7-Eleven Stores every night for eleven thousand nights [that’s thirty years in English]…  and if...  eleven is the number of power as the Mason’s claim…  then I have more elevens than anyone [grin].

If…  Hillary wins this Presidential election…  they may still call this America but it will not still be America.  Just because President Obama changed our rule of law to violate our constitution making the murder of our own unborn children through abortion the new law of our land…  it is still against the law of God.


October 23rd 2016 AD

There has been some unforeseen stuff in my life during the last 60 or so days so 'if' this site goes dark on November 6th...  I was forced [for the time being] to take a break.  Until the next time I put ink on paper... Thank you for visiting.  cn


October 12th 2016 AD

A few days ago an eleven year old video of Donald using negative words about women mysteriously surfaced and Hillary went off about it saying Donald was not fit to serve as President.  Well…  yesterday another video surfaced and it is recent…  not eleven years old and…  this video is not of Donald but of Hillary talking about a mans Penis.  Just how hypocritical is that?  Who is it that is not fit to serve as our next President?  Here is the story title and video link:

HYPOCRITE: Hillary on Tape Joking About Wanting to See Man’s Penis [WATCH]

Personally I’m fed up with America’s lawless bloated government of tyrants composed of Politicians who refuse to obey our laws.  I’m voting for Trump Pence 2016 even if hell does freeze over because Donald is the ONLY one who is not the same old same old STUFF ‘they’ have been forcing down our we the peoples throats for decades.  Don’t get me wrong…  not all Politicians have gone over to the darkside but the good ones these days have been morphed by the lawless legalese of those who have.  You my not think so or be sure now but…  we the people NEED Donald in our oval office...  for us...  not for the New World Order Globalists like Soros, Obama, Hillary and many others.


October 11th 2016 AD

Scripture says words alone are not enough that we are to be diligent [take action] and that we have complete authority over all of the earth.  If you do not vote for the lesser of two evils…  you are helping the most evil succeed [win].  At first I was supporting Rand Paul but when he pulled out I had to choose whoever would [or could] stop Hillary who Biblically is the whore of Babylon.  For if she wins America turns into Sodom & Gomorra.  No…  of course we are not saved nor do we get brownie points for our works but…  without our works no one would know we were following the Lion of Judah.  The Jehovah Witnesses do not believe in taking part in civil affairs.  They absolutely under no circumstances vote.  If the thirty plus million of them had voted in 2012…  Obama would never have even been a memory but they chose to defy The Living God and His word.  Now it’s 2016 and it is your turn to choose darkness or Light.  What will Dad say to you about your choice on judgment day [welcome my son or be gone I do not know you]?  Never forget…  Jesus left us here to finish the work He started and we cannot do that by being lukewarm or not taking part.  The enemy would very much like us to give up in the heat of the battle especially in the home stretch of victory.  Don’t pray that God will do the work He left for you to do for you…  pray that He gives you the strength to run the course He gave you…  and like an eagle…  run that course for victory!  So shall my word be [Isaiah 55:11 & Proverbs 18:21].


October 7th 2016 AD

Avaaz…  [ ] a group of people who are anti America & anti Donald Trump who blindly follow the New World Order & their puppets to the very end and the end…  of humanity.  The NWO who through power and greed wish to rule the world and keep all people penniless and uneducated have spread the rumors of a financial crisis but it is a lie.  You would think from their BIG fib that a giant spaceship had come down to earth and scooped up all of the earth’s money and resources and taken them away but…  no such spaceship ever came.  Money does NOT go away…  it just gets transferred [or devalued] from one point [or person] to another.  Yes, that is right…  every penny that was ever on earth…  is STILL here on earth.  Our money has just been manipulated [devalued] so the value we the people did have, has been transferred [manipulated] to someone else [namely the NWO rulers of the world]…  and you believed their lies of wanting to help you.  That is sad!  But then Avaaz is not the only group of foreigners standing with the NWO against America and her once free people.  No not at all.  The UN and most of the dictators around the world stand against us for as long as we the people of America stand for freedom and liberty…  we are a threat to all of those who wish to rule rather than lead which brings us full circle back to our own nation where there is an out and out war going on between those right here in America who follow the NWO and their one world government thinking…  wanting to rule us rather than lead us.  In fact everyone currently running for the office of President in America has been bought out by the NWO  …everyone that is except for Donald Trump.  Donald is the only one running who wants to be our leader [not our ruler] as our founding fathers intended America to be.  What could the NWO want with America?  This proves the lie of the financial crisis.  America is the richest nation on earth in regards to resources but we [America] are a Republic…  we are and choose our own leaders.  If the NWO can get we the people to submit to them…  virtually making slaves of us…  then they can raid our limitless resource warehouse for their own greed and power.  Oh yes…  the NWO has worked endlessly putting their puppets in place in our government so they can finally once and for all put the Republic experiment in America…  to sleep.  If you are not voting for Donald Trump you ARE voting for the NWO one world government and the end of America.  If you are not voting…  you are empowering the Electoral Collage to use your unused vote and the Electoral Collage is predisposed NWO.  Take Avaaz for a moment…  they are attempting to get ex-Americans who don’t even visit here anymore to use their vote to stop Donald’s efforts to rebuild our nation.  It is time we the people of America woke up to the war going on between darkness and Light and take a stand [drawing a line in the sand] and be unwavering in our efforts to remain a free people in a free nation with real leaders who support our constitution, laws and way of life and not the greed and power mongers of the worlds NWO elite.  It’s your move…  free in America or…  a UN slave...  you choose [you have less than a month].


October 6th 2016 AD
The American Flag, Eagle and Statue of Liberty representing our liberty have been removed from the USA government website by the Obama administration  Why?  Wonder no longer.  When Obama went and signed the climate accord in Paris…  he also secretly signed the new NWO pac making the UN the new acting head of the New World Order’s one world government and without the authority to do so Obama signed America up to be just one more third world nation under the new UN’s one world government control.  Few outside of Obama’s circle are aware that the Republic of America and her Sovereign free people are now subjects of the UN’s one world government.  Our lawless President Obama has in fact…  effectively ‘Executively Ordered’ our congress, constitution, laws and way of life out of existence…  sentencing our unborn to death through abortion not only put the brakes on much of our future citizens even being born but Obama signed the UN arms ban bypassing our congress and laws and the list of his attempts to circumvent America have not stopped since he was sworn in almost eight years ago.  And Obama has assured us that Hillary will continue his policies and agenda [Hillary…  the one fired for trying to circumvent our constitution back in 1972 and still at it].  Of course if you tell anyone about this they will laugh and scoff at you because of our lying deceitful news media not mentioning this at all.  Quite literally the once great intelligent free American people are about to be ended by genocide without a clue their exile is even coming.  Donald is seriously upsetting their apple cart but he has not won yet.  If Donald actually makes it to the oval office and does what he has said he would do…  the NWO’s grip on America will be set back hundreds of years.  For the reason of stopping the NWO‘s take over of America…  I am voting for Trump / Pence 2016.  Yes there are many other reasons but stopping the NWO is paramount in importance!  Have you seen Obama’s personal website:


July 24th 2016 AD

Yes…  Ronny did good for America but only good.  I am under the belief Donald is more like King Solomon who not only did good for the Jewish people in days of old but made silver so plentiful it was like dust and God used King Solomon to lead His people in His ways for decades, the money being used to empower Gods people not destroy them.

As did the Jewish people in days of old shout and bring down the fortified walls of the city Jericho flat to the ground as dust…  on voting day in 2016 we the people of America are going to shout ‘Donald’ and bring the fortified plans of the anti America New World Order globalist’s and their pathetic little puppets to dust just as our founding fathers did to them in 1776.  Go Donald Go!!!


June 10th 2016 AD

9th Circuit Ignores Second Amendment To Produce Illegitimate Ruling On Concealed Carry

And...  our lawless bloated government of tyrants furthers their efforts to genocide we the people for their New World Order masters. ~Cliff Newman


June 6th 2016 AD

It is unfortunate in this day and age how many have come to follow the New World Orders thinking in racism rather than truth.  Of course I’m from the generation that thought of people by their mind or heart condition not their skin color [yes before the comies, libs and NWO took over] back in the days when the Bible was still the book to live by in America.  In my day you called some one a half-breed you were talking about their despicable behavior [godlessness] not their nationality [today race biting is our lawless Presidents weapon of choice].  According to my childhood teachings…  most of those who are in leadership in DC today are godless half-breeds [lawless tyrants].  So I have been dated…  sorry I will not give up my scripture based beliefs…  not even for our half-breed godless lawless murdering Muslim anti American tyrant President.  When I was a little boy hoping to some how be related to those great patriarchs in Bible history I would ask my dad if we were Jewish but he always gave the same response…  no you’re a mutt.  Thus…  this mutt has chosen to not be a half-breed [godless]…  not in mind, spirit or deed.  Did you know Jesus was not white?  He was Armenian…  the lowest form of life on earth 2000 years ago.  Of course He was not Armenian in mind, spirit or deed…  but the Lion of Judah and mine forever.


May 9th 2016 AD



Where did America go…  for most assuredly…  it is not here anymore.  With our lawless half-breed American hating Muslim President leading us by making it the law of our land to allow us to murder our own un-born children [those who would have been our future], for Transgender’s to have access to women’s restrooms [endangering the women and little ones], shrinking our once great military to the point it cannot defend our nation from foreign threats, the list of people he and Hillary have murdered hidden away but still a reality and his reassuring us she will continue his policy’s after he is gone and…  all the while the powerless lukewarm Christian nation standing silently by thinking Jesus is coming back to rescue their lack of salt & Light do nothing lives.  NOT!!

No…  the only place America still exists today is in the memory of our aged citizens and old books that most likely are forbidden.

Your Savior’s personal website:  NOT!!!


May 2nd 2016 AD

Gun Control...  “If we…  allow Obama to seize the Lone Rangers guns…  we, our children and our children’s children…  will be powerless against our lawless bloated government of tyrants.” ~Cliff Newman


April 3rd 2016 AD

Why we the people do not want Hillary, the Dem’s, the GOP or the New World Order and their agenda

WHITE HOUSE BURGLARY ~By Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall / Story posted by:


March 26th 2016 AD


These two stories remind me of how G.W. Bush went around to all of the Christian outlets before he was elected and told all of them how much he loved Jesus to get their votes…  all the while he was part of the New World Order and intended to destroy America from within and now… Ted [a member of the Free Mason’s – a part of the New World Order] is up to the same tricks while Ted’s wife has been part of the New World Order for decades.

Like him or not…  Donald is the only person running for the Presidency of America that actually wants to bring we the people back to a real America without the New World Order in tow and if we the people do not band ourselves together and give Donald the victory…  if Donald is not the one sworn in…  then there will be NO America.


March 17th 2016 AD



March 15th 2016 AD
In a recent news report it was stated that a bomb killed 34 in the Turkish Capital and yet…  America’s lawless irrelevant half-breed Muslim President has refused to take control of our boarders and make we the people safe and yet…  he has made arrangements with the UN to disarm we the people so we can no longer kill each other [of course without our guns the murderers and terrorists can kill us] and yet…  he goes on TV surrounded by little boys and girls and cries about the children who have been senselessly murdered by crazy people and yet…  he makes abortion [the murder of our own un-born children] the law of our land.

Now that boys and girls is a flip flopper backwards ass thinker and hater of America and her free people.

It is time for we the people to band ourselves together again as a United Free People and vote this anti-American irrelevant scum back under the rock it spawn from and vote ourselves leaders with honor, integrity, trust and respect for those they lead.  Yes…  and vote for leaders…  not want-a-bee rulers.


March 14, 2016 AD
Barack Obama Just Made A Half-Billion Dollar Down Payment On The Trillions Of Dollars Of Your Hard-Earned Money That He Recently Promised To Redistribute To The Crooks And Thieves At The United Nations!
Oh yes, it's true and it's all being done under the RUSE of combating so-called Climate Change. The media largely ignored the story but Reuters just confirmed on Tuesday that the money has just started rolling into the UN coffers; "The United States has paid $500 million into the United Nations' Green Climate Fund, the first tranche of... the commitments it made in the December Paris Climate Agreement, the State Department confirmed Monday." 

Now folks, we can argue until the cows come home as to whether or not man-made global warming even exists, but one thing is not open to debate. 

The United Nations' Green Climate Fund is a SCAM and every dime that finds its way into the coffers of the crooks and thieves at the United Nations, under the ruse of combating Climate Change across the globe, will go straight into the pockets of every America-hater and tin-pot dictator around the world. Very little, if any, of this money will be used to combat so-called Climate Change and we're on the hook for TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 

This radical Obama scheme to redistribute our wealth to the entire world and thereby fundamentally transform American before he leaves office must be stopped but Congress is not going to stop it unless they hear from you right now.

Judge Scalia [most likely the only Judge who would have ever stood up against Hillary] has been murdered and Hillary who has been violating and defiling America's laws and our constitution since before 1972 will continue to be given a pass because lets face it…  the very people America's founding fathers defeated in 1776 have regained control.

Before the up coming 2016 election our lawless out of control half-breed President will declare martial law and with his pen & paper…  will effectively ‘Executively Order’ this once great free prosperous nation as a gift to the United Nations who in the Paris Climate Summitt was deemed the new head of The New World Order and in return for Obama’s gift of America to the New World Order…  the New World Order will grant Obama as our lord, savior and king [dictator].

At which point [using UN blue helmets] our new king will go about purging America of all of the Patriots who have worked so hard to keep her and her people safe and free.

They have an agenda and they have a plan.  This is what happens when less than 4% of America's mainstream registered voters use their pen & paper to vote.  It’s called…  the END!

At least this was the initial plan and agenda Obama laid out for his goal for ‘Hope & Change’ for AmeriKa in his interview with the Russian Journalist before he was elected to the oval office in 2008…  an office he has no plans or intentions of ever leaving as the original Bible marriage vow states…  ‘Till death do us part.’

Lord Jesus…  come quickly [and please…  bring silver bullets]!

Until the next time I put ink on paper,