PM Netanyahu: "This video shook me to the core of my being."
            ~with commentary by Cliff Newman

This video message from PM Netanyahu about the value of our children against the hateful angry murdering Palestinian’s is very similar to the message I have been trying to awaken my fellow Americans to for the past almost eight years…  the point PM Netanyahu makes in regard to the value of our children [the most valuable possession we have]…  in America for centuries our children have been known to be our future…  and without them…  we the people cease to exist.  Murdering children [the innocent] un-born yet or not [the 56 million we have murdered]…  violates The One True Living Gods policies and His word has strong language for those who do violate those polices.  And yet…  Barack Obama…  our Islamic Muslim terrorist loving ex-President who has given these murdering / raping / beheading terrorists billions of our hard earned American tax dollars…  through his abortion law in ObamaCare…  has made the murder of our own un-born children the law of our land [and he and Hillary both claim she will continue his policies].  Go figure that!  To keep these two want-a-bee people rulers / child killers from further harming America and her free people [and our children born yet or not]…  they must be put in a container that prevents them and the air they breath from creating further danger or harm to us [we the people].  I believe Pluto would be a great place for earth to house those who choose to be lawless.  So shall my word be!

Think I don't know or understand the war evil is parading upon our children? Then know this...  there are dents in my skull health reports show to be death blows received when I was two years old.

Until the next time I put ink on paper,